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Our Adapted Housing Projects

The Foundation puts a lot of energy into offering the visually impaired low-rental housing adapted to their living situation. The Foundation manages three residential housing complexes for the blind and is working on the development of future projects.

In Quebec, nearly 100,000 individuals are visually impaired and aged 15 and over. Two thirds live in the Montreal area.

Statistics Canada estimates that the vast majority of disabled people live below the poverty line and have an annual income under $10,000. In addition, 75% spend more than half their income on housing.

The majority of our units are subsidized and rent is calculated based on our tenants’ income. Others are affordable. In addition, environment is of paramount importance for the visually impaired. Once familiar with their environment, the blind wish to remain within it. This is why the Foundation ensures that the blind have access to the right environment both inside and outside the units.

How to apply for adapted housing

In order to obtain a subsidized housing, you must register on our list of applicants. Our online application can be found here www.habitationsfaq.org however it is only available in French. If you are unable to fill it out by yourself, don’t hesitate to call us at 514-259-9470 ext. 226 and we will gladly help you. Note that all personal information provided remains confidential and the online registration site is secured.

Our Complexes

Habitation Habitoeil Montréal

Résidence Habitoeil Montréal

In 1994, a beautiful building with 17 adapted units, the Complexe Armand Houle, became the pride of the Foundation. This complex offers tenants exceptional quality of life and comfort at HLM pricing (low-rental housing). It is located in Tétreaultville, east of Montreal, has three sextuplexes and an interior courtyard, and is located near a community garden.
Habitation Habitoeil Rosemont

Les Habitations Habitoeil Rosemont

In 1997, under the “AccèsLogis Québec” program, the Foundation, with the participation of the City of Montreal and the Société d’habitation du Québec, acquired two buildings on 39th Avenue in Rosemont called Les Habitations Habitoeil Rosemont. In May 2000, after major renovations, the Quebec Foundation for the Blind was able to provide 28 additional adapted units close by to all services.
Habitation Coup-d'oeil

Les Habitations Coup d’Oeil

The Foundation worked for nearly 10 years on a third low-rental, adapted-housing project. Construction finally began in March 2014 and the first tenants took possession of their apartments in the spring of 2015. This project provided 31 additional units, for a total of 76! It is located near the Olympic Stadium, the Viau and Pie IX subway stations, the YMCA, the Promenade Ontario, etc.

Future projects

The success of our last Habitations Coup d’Oeil project and the constant need for housing for the visually impaired encourages us to work on new projects. We are currently evaluating the possibility of constructing a 12-unit building in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

In all cases, if you have visual impairment and a low income, we encourage you to register on our list of applicants to give yourself the best chance of having adapted and low-rental accommodation in your favour. To do so, please use the online form available (in French only) at www.habitationsfaq.org, or call us at 514-259-9470 ext. 226 and we will gladly help you. Please note, however, that demand is greater than supply.

The units are allocated according to a weighting grid that takes into consideration several factors: income, visual impairment, urgency, etc.

The Dream: a Residential Community Complex

Image-cercle Habitation Le Rêve

The Quebec Foundation for the Blind dreams of housing social living units, organizations, and a community centre all under the same roof for the blind and visually impaired.