Donate with AccesD

Faire un don - Poignée de mains à travers un écran d'ordinateur
It is now possible to donate with AccèsD!

The process is simple, fast, and secure, just like paying a bill with AccèsD. Simply indicate the amount of your donation and your year of birth , for reference. Follow the instructions and give to a cause that is important to you.

Thank you for your support and please know that your donation is a vital contribution to the success of our projects.

Note that it is also possible to proceed by phone. Call 1-800-224-7737.

Donation via AccèsDHow to Donate (For AccèsD Users Only)

(Pour les utilisateurs d’AccèsD seulement) :

1. Log on to AccèsD.

2. On the next page, choose “Bill payments”.

3. Click the “Add a bill” tab to add the Quebec Foundation for the Blind to your list of bills.

4. Follow the instructions.

In the “Reference” box, please enter your year of birth.

The Quebec Foundation for the Blind will send you a receipt for income tax purposes to the address associated with your Desjardins account for donations of $20 or more (or upon request).