Planned Donation


Image associée à Faire un don planifié - papiers, monnaie et crayonsA planned gift allows you to transfer the amount of your choice to a cause that matters to you. This generous gesture allows the Foundation to continue its activities for the benefit of the visually impaired and blind community.


A will allows you to make specific personal provisions for you or a loved one, or to plan a partial or total donation of property. The estate will receive a receipt for the value of the donation.

Donations by will that the Foundation has had the great privilege of receiving in recent years help ensure the well being of the blind and visually impaired. The Foundation is extremely thankful for this gesture that comes from the heart and carries good far beyond a lifetime.


Choose from the following options:

  • Image associée à Faire un don - Main qui écrit "Testament"Specify an amount of money or a percentage of the value of your property to give to our organization in your will
  • Specify the value of securities (stocks, bonds, mutual fund investments, term deposits) or properties, works of art, or jewellery in your will
  • Appoint an organization as the beneficiary of an RRSP, RRIF, or pension fund
  • Appoint an organization as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy

Finally, you can share your decision with the organization and your family. This will help others understand your last wishes, enforce them, and possibly encourage your loved ones to follow your gesture. Whatever the amount donated, it is a way to help us continue our mission. Thank you!

For information, call 514-259-9470, ext. 227.

Image associée à Faire un don - Plantule qui "pousse" sur de l'argent-monnaieLIFE INSURANCE POLICY DONATIONS

A simple and discrete way to donate by designating the Quebec Foundation for the Blind as the beneficiary; you can receive a donation receipt for the premiums paid during your lifetime.


The charitable annuity enables you to make an irrevocable donation to the Quebec Foundation for the Blind while ensuring you receive a guaranteed income for the rest of your life.


You can use a trust for charitable purposes as follows:

  • Image associée à Faire un don - Plantules et plantes qui "poussent" sur de l'argent-monnaie

    When you transfer property to a trust, you are entitled to income from the property over your lifetime and the capital is delivered to the registered organization at the time of death. In this case, a receipt would be given for your living donation.

  • The evaluation of the donation amount must then be carried out by professionals, according to specific criteria.

Image associée à Faire un don - 4 mains ensemble au-dessus d'un burau avec calculatricesDONATIONS BY SHARES OR FIXED ASSETS

Because such a donation may incur tax implications, you can choose proceeds of disposition (which will become the amount of the donation) between the fiscal cost and the fair market value.

Image associée à Faire un don - Enseigne "Notaire"A Legacy to Be Shared – Quebec

The Quebec Foundation for the Blind is a philanthropic partner of the “A Legacy to Be Shared – Quebec ” program, conveying a very simple message to the population: “Draft a will and remember to include your favourite charity in your estate planning.”