Partnerships and Sponsorships

Entête, Partenariats et commandites - À l'aérodromePartners’ and sponsors’ support mattersLe soutien des partenariats et des commandites

By supporting the Quebec Foundation for the Blind, you will help battle the isolation that people with visual impairment face. You can help us in different ways by:

  • Image associée à S"impliquer - partenariats et commanditesDonating or financing an activity;
  • Organizing a fundraising event;
  • Promoting the Foundation within your organization;
  • Becoming a sponsor of the Foundation.

This list is not exhaustive. We are always interested in hearing about your partnership ideas, even the most unique!

Our Crowdfunding Campaign

In 2017, we will innovate by launching a crowdfunding campaign that will allow us to implement major projects, such as:

Image associée à Faire un don - Signe de dollar doré sur fond bleu1. Hiring an attendant for housing managed by the Foundation;
2. Creating a single information point (with other organizations);
3. Expanding the attendant service offered on evenings and weekends;
4. Making our activities more accessible to disadvantaged youths.

Sociofinancing is an innovative fundraising concept. It allows our two Foundations to bring together a community of people who support us. Thus, we offer our donors prizes from our sponsors in exchange for their donation. This is an opportunity for our sponsors to reach a potential target, while associating themselves with a positive action.

Sponshorship Plan 2017 – QFB-FLBP (in French)

Two Events, Two Opportunities

Become a sponsor of our two biggest events of the year. Each bringing together thousands of spectators, you will have the opportunity to reach a large audience while supporting a cause that is important to you.

Sponsorship Plan 2017 – Gala Humour Aveugle (in French)
Sponsorship Plan 2017 – Course Aveugle Xtrême (in French)