« Du sport pour moi! » Program

Adapted sports for the visually impaired

Du sport pour moi

The “Du Sport pour Moi” program, organized in partnership with the ASAQ and the Institut Nazareth et Louis-Braille, promotes sports adapted for the visually impaired. The project targets youths with visual impairment from six to fourteen years of age, and offers two sessions (fall/winter), ten workshops per session, and seven different sports.

The practice of sports is a key element in the development of children’s cognitive and social skills. Specialized coaches each receive visual impairment intervention training that allows them to adapt their teaching methods to clients. A kinesiology specialist is also present with the children throughout the session to provide conditions conducive to learning for all.

Initiation Chapter

The Initiation component is for new participants. They will be introduced over three consecutive weeks to different sports: athletics, goalball, and swimming (in the fall), and cross-country skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing, and one class of self-defence (in the winter). The workshops will be structured so that participants learn a technique and can subsequently implement it during a play period.

Development Chapter

By the second year, participants can enroll in the development component to improve their techniques in a single sport. This method is for those who wish to concentrate on one specific sport. During the winter of 2016, participants will be able to choose between self-defence and climbing. Throughout the session, they will be able to evolve and learn different techniques according to their level of learning.


Participants develop their cognitive and social skills. In addition, parents have observed greater autonomy in their children after participation in the program.

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